Bioinformatics support

We offer our customers all types of services: from the initial consultation and execution of the experiments to the analysis of the results.

With many years of experience in expression and genotype analysis, copy number analysis, cytogenetics, etc., we can offer service and support for all steps in your project process including experimental design, quality control, normalization, visualization, various statistics and evaluation of results and integrate different data types.

New data

For the new data generated internally, a basic analysis of your data is always included. We can also help you with extended analyzes and integrate your data with other data types that you already have. Upon request, we can guide you in the use of graphical software packages that are easily accessible so that you can explore your data yourself. We can also provide you with the results in various file formats that are suitable for your downstream analyzes.

Old data

For already generated data , we can help you integrate it into a story to gain a deep understanding of your biological question. We work, for example, with integrating expression data and methylation data, pathway analysis after transcriptome profiling or different types of microarrays to understand regulatory networks within a particular type of cancer.

For more information, please contact our bioinformaticians.

Last modified: 2021-06-03