Frequently asked questions

  • How can I book a meeting?

You are welcome to book a meeting with us by either sending us an email, dropping a call or even fill in the contact form .

  • How can I get a quote?

To get a preliminary quote for your project please fillin the contact form. After we check the details for your experiment, we will contact you to set up a meeting where we can discuss further and define the exact conditions. After that you will get a quote and apreliminary timeplan for your experiment.

  • I would like more information about your portfolio?

Send us an email and we can provide brochures, probe tables and everything else you need. Contact information you can find here.

  • Is there a queue for runs?

Yes, there is a prority queue. If you want to get a place in our queue please get in touch with us.

  • How can I submit samples to the facility?

We can accept samples both by post and personal drop-off (preferred). If you bring your samples to us personally or use an express courier service use the following adress: 

Array and Analysis Facility
Uppsala biomedicinska centrum, BMC
Entrance C11 ("SciLifeLab")
Room B11:118B
Husargatan 3
751 23 Uppsala

Please make sure that your samples are properly cooled even in the case of a delay during transport and please provide us with a tracking number of your parcel so that we can make sure that it reaches us directly. Also, please remember to submit the signed order form and all the quality points together with the samples. The form you will get from us. More information about the samples you can find here.

  • Do you need more information about the samples?

Yes, for optimal runs some quality points need to be checked. Usually, Nanodrop results(concentration, OD 260/280 & OD260/230), integrity checks on 1% gel or Bioanalyser are enough to assess the quality. Sometimes we check for dsDNA with Qubit or even a purification with columns.All of the above can be purchased in our facility. More information about the sample quality you can find here.

  • How long does it take for me to get my results?

Depending on the queue and the experiment type, we will provide you with an intial estimate. Usually a typical experiment take from beinning to end 3-5 weeks. An overview you can see here.

  • How do I get my results?

Once your run is completed, we will run the data analysis as per our agreement.When it is completed, we will send to you a link to a comprehensive report, where you can dowload the raw data and the analysis results.

  • I have a new publication with my results. What do I need to quote?

In case of a publication, In publications, please acknowledge the Array and Analysis Facility by citing: Array and Analysis Facility, Uppsala University, Husargatan 3, 751 23 Uppsala. Also, be kind to notify us.

  • I need help understanding and integrating my results.

Get in touch us and we can provide analysis and bioinformatics assistance for all kind of downstream analyses.

Last modified: 2021-06-04