Seminar: Resistance development to antivirals in the environment - risk for a drug-resistant pandemic?

  • Date: –13:00
  • Location: Akademiska sjukhuset Kjellbergsalen, entrance 10
  • Lecturer: Josef Järhult, Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at Department of Medical Sciences, Infectious Medicine
  • Contact person: Björn Olsen
  • Seminarium

Antiviral drugs constitute a cornerstone in pandemic prepredness for influenza, and are becoming increasingly important for other viral diseases. Here, I will give an overview of the risk for resistance development to influenza antivirals in the natural host due to pollution of drug residues, and the risk for such resistance to persist and transmit towards humans. I will describe the research done by my group in this field, including the work that I performed during my recent year as a visiting scientist at ACDP, CSIRO in Geelong, Australia.