Seminar: Presentations of research groups at IMV

  • Date: –13:00
  • Location: Zoom
  • Lecturer: Johan Sundström and Simon Cervenka
  • Contact person: Katarina Jonasson Vangen
  • Seminarium

Professor Johan Sundström presents the research group Clinical Epidemiology. Professor Simon Cervenka presents the research group Psychiatry.

Clinical Epidemiology - Johan Sundström
Our passion is using big data to create value for patients and populations. We develop methods for risk estimation, treatment decisions, and evaluation of treatment effects, risks and costs. We lead randomized clinical trials and cohorts and use emerging data sources such as electronic health records and patient-generated data. We use machine learning methods and develop new digital tools for clinical research.

Psychiatry - Simon Cervenka
Mental disorders represent an increasing source of disability and high costs for societies globally. Our research is based on a gene-environment interaction model where psychiatric conditions are considered to arise due to an interplay between biological, psychological and social risk factors. We use different neuroimaging modalities, biomarkers, epidemiology, experimental psychological paradigms and qualitative methodology. The group also conducts clinical trials to assess novel intervention approaches.

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