How to post a new PhD-position at Medical Sciences

  • Complete the form ”Application for the establishment of postgrate position at the department” with information about the project, requirements of applicants, and of financing of the position, and submit the form to FUG.
  • After approval, FUG will send the text for posting on the University web-page for available positions. The ad will be posted for at least 10 days.
  • Following expiration of the application period, the supevisor will receive a list of applicants, and make the decision.
  • The forms ”Application of admission to graduate studies" are next completed and submitted to FUG. See information.
  • FUG sends the application to the graduate research committe (KUF=Kommittén för Utbildning på Forskarnivå), Faculty of Medicine, that decides on approval.

As a graduate student formally adopted sending department personal coordinator out a message to the other applicants, a formal notice indicating that the PhD student place is added. This also formally recorded. As the main supervisor you need to inform the students that you have been in contact with during the search process that they are not passed on.

Exceptions when posting of new PhD positions are not needed

According to the Higher Education Ordinance  (Chapter 7 § 37) posting is not needed if

  1. the graduate studies will be performed as part of an employment by another employer than the university,
  2. the PhD student has commenced the graduate studies at another university,
  3. there are other particular reasons.

With respect to the third point above, exceptions can for instance be allowed if a person in competition has received own external financing for the graduate studies.

Advertising does not have to be made for admission to the later part of the doctoral studies or for admission to licentiate studies.