Dissertation at IMV

At the department there are some 20 dissertations each year in a large number of areas.

  • Application to dissertation
    The application is first handled by the department's graduate study group (FUG) and thereafter by the postgraduate study committee at the faculty. Send the notification no later than 14 weeks before the defense date. Do NOT take place during the period June 15 to August 15.
  • Acts to be sent
    The PhD student/research group is responsible to deliver:
    10 copies to the university library Carolina Rediviva.
    5 copies to the department, through Katarina Jonasson Vangen.
    Copies should also be distributed to the thesis committee, the opponent, and a selected number of people Sweden working within the area of the thesis.
  • Dissertation costs
    The department covers costs up to 40.000 kr (printing costs, hotel- and travelling costs for the opponent and the evaluation committe, and the opponent's fee of 12.000 kr.) Any remaining costs will have to be covered by the PhD student/research group.
  • The day of the dissertation
    The main supervisor is responsible for the practicalities during the day of the dissertation. It's important that the protocol written by the evaluation committee is signed by the chairman, and sent to the medical faculty (including one copy to Katarina Jonasson Vangen) and that the PhD student registers the PhD exam after a successful dissertation. 
  • Conferment ceremony
    Ceremony is a graduation ceremony for those receiving Doctor of Philosophy in the year. It takes place in late January and late May / June. Last day for registration is 1st April / 1st November. 

Additional information regarding rules and regulation concerning the dissertaion (selecting a date, printing of the thesis, the dissertation procedures etc) can be found on the medical faculty homepage.

Important dates to keep track of when applying for a dissertation spring of 2020.
Important dates to keep track of when applying for a dissertation autumn of 2020.