Application for a Licentiate exam

Research education encompassing at least 120 credits can be concluded with a licentiate degree. The exam consists of two parts; a seminar presented by the student, and a public discussion led by the chairman of the examination committee.

The application (application form) is first handled by the department's graduate study group (FUG) and thereafter by the postgraduate study committee at the faculty.

The application shall be submitted to the postgraduate committee (FUK), at least six weeks preceeding the committee meeting held prior to planned date of the exam. Time does not need to be booked in defense calendar. Do NOT take place during the period June 15 to August 15.

The department covers costs up to 20.000 kr (printing costs, hotel- and travelling costs for the evaluation committe).  Any remaining costs will have to be covered by the PhD student/research group.

Important dates to keep track of when applying for a licentiate exam 2020.
Important dates to keep track of when applying for a licentiate exam in the spring of 2021.

How to fill in the form

  1. The head of the department is responsible for postgraduate education (examinator and supervisor should not be the same person). Please indicate Professor Mia Wadelius as Head of Department. She is the head of the Research Graduate Group (FUG) at our Department.
  2. The examination committee: 3 members, two of which are "docent", and at the most one member from the Department of Medical Sciences.
  3. Which of the members that willl act as chairman should be noted.
  4. Tick the box if there are no challenges.
  5. Tick the box if consulations have been held.
  6. Student signature.
  7. The chairman of FUG signs for the Head of the Department after the meeting.
  8. FUG sends the application electronically to KUF.

Information to accomany the application

  • Summary of the research work, written by the PhD student (1 page)
  • Short statement by examinator/supervisor descibing the significance of the work, and the contribution by the PhD student
  • Report card with information of earned activity credits
  • One copy each of the manuscripts/publications, or the monography***
  • Extract from UPPDOK. All compulsory courses should have been passed*
  • Research plan (no more than 3 pages) for the remaining 2 years of work to a PhD degree, if applicable**

*Course and theoretical part (15 credits)

Compulsory courses (8,5 - 11,5 credits)

1. Introduction to Doctoral Studies (web based)

2. Introduction to Scientific Research (five weeks)

Instead of the course "Introduction to Scientific Studies", you can choose the courses 3-5

3. Ethics in Research and Theory of Science (five days)

4. Scientific Presentation (five days)

5. Introduction to Biostatistics (eight days plus home-based work)

6. Knowledge of Laboratory Animals (two weeks) For those postgraduate students concerned.

Additional courses (3,5-6,5 credits)

Courses with particular relevance to the research area.

**Continuation of studies to a PhD degree**

Students who will continue towards a PHD degree have to apply for admission. This application should be sent to FUG and should contain an individual study plan, and a research plan (no more than 3 pages) for the coming two years.

***Scientific work encompassing 60 credits should be documented in the form of one or several maunuscripts/publications, and a thesis frame of 10-20 pages, or a monography of ca 30-50 pages. The thesis frame needs not to be submitted with the application, but should be available at the Department at least 2 weeks before the planned examination. For additional information, see the Faculty homepage.